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Tips for beginners how to play in CS: GO

Guides10:53, 10.04.2017
Tips for beginners how to play in CS: GO

If you have just started playing cs-go, then you should read the cs go tips for beginners, which are sure to be useful to you in the game. With the help of them, you will die less and win victories in the games of the competitive regime and not only.

Here, actually, and a list of tips, if you are silver in kos:

What not to do:

  • Do NOT shoot at the opponent's feet, as you take away a small part of him from him.
  • DO NOT leave the shelter, once heard that the bomb is already laid on the prison, wait a few seconds and only then start to work effectively.
  • DO NOT have to continue to spray if you are not killed by the enemy after shooting ten rounds. You need to release the left mouse button, thereby stopping shooting and only then click on LMB again.
  • DO NOT need to be in the same place. If your opponent himself saw you or his infe, he was informed by his partners. The chances of being killed, or even an exploded grenade, are getting bigger.
  • DO NOT recharge your store if the location in which you are located is considered dangerous. This applies even to the case when the store has only 8-10 cartridges. If you start recharging, your opponent can hear recharging sounds and attack you abruptly.
  • DO NOT exit from the fortification or corner, while your weapon is still being recharged.
  • Do NOT wear a helmet if you think that your opponent in his hands can find a Kalashnikov assault rifle.
  • DO NOT have to do an eco round for the side of terrorists, if you have $ 3,500 in stock. This applies to the side of special forces, if in the presence of 4000 dollars. Also, if you are special forces, then the helmet can not be bought in the case when the economy has almost no enemy.
  • DO NOT need to stand in front of your teammates, who have AWP in their hands. Since there is a time when your sniper will see the enemy, he will make a shot, and accidentally can injure you, or even more, kill.
  • Do NOT rush if you carry a bomb. You need to play in such a way that your rivals do not see the movement on the terrorist's map with the bomb.
  • DO NOT need to run for long, holding a grenade of any kind (smoke, light, incendiary) in your hand. At speed it does not affect, it's better to choose a knife and run with it.

What do we have to do:

  • When attacking you need to go out and shoot through the enemy's default positions.
  • When neutralizing a bomb, you can stop doing it, it will make the enemy look and you can kill him. You can use a slowdown (Shift key), the enemy will think that you are in the place of captivity after your divorce of the bomb. You, therefore, increase the chances of killing him.
  • Use blind grenades in those moments when you, too, are blinded. Thanks to her, you can extend yourself a couple of seconds of life or, if you're lucky, blindly kill the enemy.
  • To drive the enemy out of the narrow place, throw an incendiary grenade. Also it will help to stop a fast attack of an opponent on any point.
  • Plentite so that you see the bomb from any secluded point.
  • Learn all the scatter on the cards that you often play. YouTube helps you, there are a lot of similar videos with outlines.
  • Examine your team. Maybe someone owns one or another weapon better than you, so you can safely give it to your teammate.
  • Be sure to purchase, if you bombed the bomb in the first or second round. There will be approximately $ 4,500 on your balance sheet, which is enough for an average purchase in the current round.
  • Master the ability to control the spray (scatter) of weapons, then again you will come to the aid of a familiar YouTube.

If you have your own advice, please share them below in the comments.




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