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How to attack on the map Inferno in CS: GO

Guides23:58, 15.05.2018
How to attack on the map Inferno in CS: GO

Today we will consider the situation of how to attack on the map inferno in CS: GO. Playing for terrorists - the main task is the operational mining of gas pipelines in the village. How best to do this - you and find out after reading this article.

First of all, it is important to properly manage the time of the round in the Inferno map. More often than not, the terrorist terrorists are showering the central passages with smoke grants and "flash cards", because their task is to hold positions. Therefore, playing for terrorists, your team must always attack from two sides, namely through the center and the "banana". It is with this approach that the grenades of the opponents will end in the very first minutes, which will make it possible to advance to the gas pipelines in the second half of the round and to bomb the mine.

Let us analyze in more detail the pistol round.

To some extent, the first round can be decisive for the further game. After all, if you win in it, then the opponents will not have any money for automatic weapons in the next round, unlike your team, which will be able to arm themselves. There is a huge set of tactics for the first round, consider one of them.

At least one member of your team needs to purchase a flak jacket. After all, the main task of this fighter will be to keep the "cops" in the "banana". His mission essentially boils down to simple survival in the first half of the round so that the remaining team members can more freely and relatively safely maneuver.

In addition to bulletproof vests, this player needs to take "smoke" and a couple of "flash drives", which will allow him to buy time. The remaining four players can buy everything at their discretion, they will attack from the center, through the second gate.

Immediately after taking positions near the gate, the player in the armor on the banana should use a smoke grenade to cut off contact with them for the duration of the smoke.

Closer to the dispersion of smoke, he must use both "flash drives", after which all the members of the team must attack, holding the special forces from two sides to B.


Not a complex but effective method of capturing B

In this tactic, at least two smoke grenades should be used. More - you can, less - you can not. Superfluous can be used either in the center, at point A, or throw them by bombing, which will allow time. Light grenades are also worth buying. For smoking "campers" for bags on the "banana" - you can take Molotov cocktail.

Taking a "banana", throw smoke on the enemy base and at the reels.

Before the attack, throw "flash drive" on the base of opponents through the roof. The team captain must shoot the boxes and the area in the shade.

Two players will have to keep opponents, not allowing them to go through the smoke. The bomb will need to be installed on the grill, because if you completely control B, looking at the exits from the "banana", then it will not be difficult for you to shoot all those who attempt to clear the bomb.

Divide and conquer at point A

In this tactic, the emphasis is on the complete cleaning of the apartments, for this role, two fighters should be trained. The first fighter will have to crawl through the window, occupying the bedroom, after which he will have to control the ladder to the boiler.

At this time, the second fighter will have to cover the rear of the first, waiting for his appearance on the stairs, it will be necessary to clean the corridor, or to make sure that there is no one there, which is unlikely.

While the two gamers are holding apartments and approaches to them, the other two players must take positions in the pass to the center. If there is no contact with the enemy in the apartment, it is necessary to throw smoke and a "flash drive" towards the truck. Which will greatly facilitate the attack from this side. It's also a good option to split up and attack through the arch and apartments. The main thing is to act as quickly as possible so that the spetsnaz does not have a chance to split into two points.

The fifth player will keep the exit from the "banana", but during the general assault, he, of course, also will have to go into battle, clearing his way to the center, to the rest of his team's players.


In the event that you apply the same tactic twice, but both times your opponents were faster, always succeeded in the second point, then you can use their speed against them. At too early transfer, the team becomes vulnerable to tricks. It is necessary to eliminate at least one "ment", throw smoke or "flash drive" at one point, and at this time go to another.

If the terrorist terrorists do not keep their defenses well enough at one of the points - use it! They will try to transfer forces to it, in which case you just squeeze the second point. Otherwise, you will be free to take the round for the round. All in your hands, never forget about tactics! If you are interested in such guides, we recommend that you visit the ReadPlay.Ru website. Write your comments, how do you attack on the map inferno?




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