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M4A4 | Evil Daimyo for 1st place
AWP | Worm God for 2nd place
Glock-18 | Bunsen Burner for 3rd place
P250 | Valence
Operation Breakout Cases 5x

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Liquid Liquid vs EnVyUs EnVyUs
Astralis Astralis vs GODSENT GODSENT
FlipSid3 FlipSid3 vs FaZe FaZe

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44.51% 55.49%
Count maps: 1 2017-01-23
FlipSid3 vs. FaZe ELEAGUE Major 2017-01-23
47.59% 52.41%
Count maps: 1 2017-01-23
Liquid vs. EnVyUs ELEAGUE Major 2017-01-23
66.09% 33.91%
Count maps: 1 2017-01-22
SK vs. HellRaisers ELEAGUE Major 2017-01-22
45.09% 54.91%
Count maps: 1 2017-01-22
fnatic vs. G2 ELEAGUE Major 2017-01-22
38.97% 61.03%
Count maps: 1 2017-01-22
Gambit vs. North ELEAGUE Major 2017-01-22
ECS Season 2 Finals
50.30% 49.70%
Count maps: 2 2016-12-12
Astralis vs. SK ECS Season 2 Finals 2016-12-12
ECS Season 2 Finals
57.17% 42.83%
Count maps: 2 2016-12-11
EnVyUs vs. OpTic ECS Season 2 Finals 2016-12-11

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