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Matchmaking mode in CS: GO

Guides13:28, 05.04.2017
Matchmaking mode in CS: GO

The competition mode is a kind of classic game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but it has distinctive features from the default casual mode. This mode of operation will take place in several stages.

In the competitive mode instead of 15 rounds is played 30. For the whole match you will play both for the side of terrorists and for the side of special forces. Teams will switch places after the first 15 rounds are played. A point in the round will be awarded after one of the teams will destroy the opponent or zaplentit bomb, and it will not be embarrassed.

The team can win the game only when one of the teams wins 16 rounds. In the competitive mode, only 10 players can take part, 5 of them will play for terrorists, the rest - for special forces. All players are selected by a system with approximately equal titles. In this mode, fire on allies is turned on, so just do not shoot the teammates, as many people are used to doing in the usual mode. In x mm mm you can make substitutions that can not be done in casual due to the fact that through your allies you could go right through. It is highly recommended not to leave the competitive game, you can get a ban from around 30 minutes to one week. By playing in the competitive mode you can improve your rank, increase the game skill, and also show yourself in tactics and defense.

Now let's analyze this mode in more detail.

The process of the game:

  • First, it is advisable to play you in the "Fight to the Death" mode, so it is best to warm up before playing mm in cs go.
  • If you have already felt that you played well, then boldly open in cs gocompetitive mode.
  • When the game is loaded, you will be asked to warm up with the opponents for three minutes.
  • In the warm-up, buy only an armor with a helmet and try to kill an opponent with a pistol. Thus, you prepare yourself before the first round.

Beginning of the game:

  • After all went to the server, the game begins. If you have a microphone, start talking with teammates, do not hesitate, give them always useful and accurate information.
  • After purchase, take each of your points on the map.
  • Quickly buy, because every second counts.
  • Listen carefully to your partners and look at the mini-card more often.
  • If you lose in the first round, decide on the team, play in the next round of eco or make a fox.
  • If you won in the first round, then you can buy, do not forget to buy an armor and a helmet.
  • Grenades are an integral part of the game for special forces, the main role is played by a fig and a flash drive (you need to throw all the passes through them so that terrorists can not quickly get to the points).
  • If your teammate does not have a weapon, and you have extra money, then buy him some weapons that he will ask for. (This applies to the case of a round of buy).
  • If you bought an AWP, but you do not know how to shoot it or shoot it worse than your ally, then give it to him.
  • If from your partner comes dizmoral (yelling into the microphone, is nonsense) - you can stir it up, it can increase the chances of winning.
  • If this does not help, he continues to play poorly, shoot allies, use cheats - you can throw him a report or drive him out of the game.
  • Do not abuse malopoleznymi weapons (Dual Berettas, Negev, MAC-10 and others).

An important rule: do not diszormalte your team, be positive!




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