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Download official CS: GO via Steam

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Download official CS: GO via Steam

Download cs go 2017 through Steam

CS GO is one of the most popular multiplayer games of 2017, made in the genre of action by the developers of Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve. The part of Global Offensive is the last game from the Counter-Strike series. The essence of the game has not changed with the previous parts - it's endless battles between the opposing sides on different game cards: special forces and terrorists.

The official release of this game took place on August 21, 2012, despite the fact that the announcement was back in 2011. However, it is worth noting that before the official release of the game, few hoped for such a rapid success. Many people wanted to download the game, and after the release the game quickly gained its audience and over a short period of time, popularity reached its heights.

Naturally, the game is significantly different from the previous parts in many ways: improved physics and graphics, new weapons with skins, new maps and modes, including competitive. Also worth mentioning is the huge number of cases cs go, opening which, you can drop a variety of skins cs go, ranging from cheap weapons and ending with expensive knives. Thanks to a large community, the game can truly be called one of the most relevant in e-sports. Especially, it touched 2016 and 2017. Play cs go has become a large number of new teams, players, as well as championships with a large prize pool. And this is not the limit. You can officially download CSGO on Steam for $ 8 or 450 rubles, depending on which country you live in.

CS GO settings:

Downloading the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive officially through Steam, you can customize this game for the system requirements of your computer. This applies to the settings of video and audio, but there are other categories in the game that contain a large number of options, tuning which, you will be comfortable playing in kosu. Here are some examples of the initial setup of the game: assign keys to perform certain actions, select a hand in kc, adjust the sight of cs go, create your own or download someone else's config (for example, the famous sniper kennyS), think up a nickname for yourself, E. With the system requirements of this game you can find on the page of buying games in the incentive.

Frequently asked questions:

1) How can I change my nickname?
- Open the game folder, find the file rev.ini
- Use notepad to open the file rev.ini
- Find the string - PlayerName = "Player", in which "Player" is replaced with "Your nickname"

2) If you have a black screen and there is a white inscription in the center, follow these steps:
- Open the folder with the game, the path of which will be something like this: Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Counter-Strike Global Offensive
- Go to the csgo folder
- Go to the cfg folder
- Scroll down to the bottom, find the video.txt file and open it.
- Find the line "setting.fullscreen" "1" and change it to "setting.fullscreen" "0"
- Find the line "setting.nowindowborder" "-1" and change it to "setting.nowindowborder" "1"
After these simple actions, a black screen will not appear!

3) The game crashes or falls FPS after a few minutes of play
- Increase the swap file

4) Swearing antivirus. What to do?
- Install a good antivirus, or add your game to the list of exceptions. In such games, there can be no viruses, but old or bad antivirus systems can detect viruses where they do not.

Quickly go to Steam to download the game cs go to your PC and get the most out of pleasure! Have a good game!




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