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Jumping in CS: GO (BHOP)

Guides14:58, 08.02.2017
Jumping in CS: GO (BHOP)

If you want to become a steep shooter in CS, you need to view a lot of demos about the players cs go. Far from all the actions can happen the first time. Today, we'll talk about a jump-off in ks or in other words banihop.

Why is it necessary and how to master it? Banihop translates from English as "rabbit jumps" and this technique looks as if you are a jumping beast.

Bhop in cs go helps players to navigate the map with jumps, and also to take secluded places faster than your opponent.

How to learn bhop in cs go?

First you need to make a jump for the jump in the game on the wheel of your mouse in the settings (bind mwheelup + jump - wheel up or bind mwheeldown + jump - the wheel down). More often than not, players make jumping banihop into ks go in this way.

Many will ask why you can not use the default button? The answer is simple: if the jump is in the usual place, then to provide a time for a saving jump will be much more difficult. If you assign this function to the wheel, then you will do several types of jumps without the chance of losing extra seconds.

How to make a banihope in CS: GO?

  • hold down the "W" key and hold it until you get the fastest speed.
  • after reaching the maximum speed, proceed to bounce using the mouse wheel. That is, we do what is in the technique of Strafe Jump'a, only now it is not necessary to squat: after the jump, release the "W" key. Next, place your finger on the "D" button (this is the strafe on the right side) and smoothly move the mouse to the right.
  • when before landing a little more, press the button "D" and stop driving the mouse to the right. And when you make a landing, scroll the wheel (that is, make a jump). After you jumped from the hard floor, press the "A" button (it turns out to be a strafe to the left) and move the mouse evenly to the left. Then alternate the strip to the right side, mouse to the right and strafe to the left, mouse to the left.

Naturally, newcomers will make a lot of mistakes when making the first banihop of jumps in kos. This happens due to the fact that players in the PC badly can control the algorithm of the keys. This problem will be quickly eliminated after a long practice. If you do not want to lose speed when jumping off, you need to drive the mouse when you are in the air, from the beginning and up to the end of your banyhope reception at xo.




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