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Startup parameters CS GO

Guides09:48, 19.02.2017
Startup parameters CS GO

Surely many beginners cs go and not only know that in addition to configuring in cs go, you need to configure the settings for starting the game.

The question arises, what is it and what is it for? The startup parameters for csv are a set of commands that perform the action assigned to them when the game is started. Here's an example: to skip the initial splash of the game, you need to set the following parameter "-novid".

How to configure the startup parameters?

Below is a sequence of actions for setting the startup parameter (s).

1) Go to the library of your games, right-click on the current game and open the "Properties";

2) Click "Set start parameters";

3) Enter the required start parameter (s) in the field. Do not forget to put a "+" sign in front of console commands and a "-" sign in front of the others.

Full list of launch parameters for CS CS:

  • -novid - disable the initial splash screen in cs go;
  • -w 640 - change the width of the display resolution;
  • -h 480 - change the display resolution height;
  • -full - start cs in full screen mode;
  • -window - start the game in windowed mode;
  • -noborder - start cs go in windowed mode without a frame;
  • -low - start the game with a low priority;
  • -high - start the game with high priority;
  • -dxlevel 81 - running the game using DirectX 8.1;
  • -dxlevel 90 - start the game using DirectX 9;
  • -heapsize 262144 - allocate 512MB of RAM for the game;
  • -heapsize 524288 - select 1GB of RAM for the game;
  • -heapsize 1048576 - select 2GB of RAM for the game;
  • -noaafonts - disable anti-aliasing of display fonts;
  • -freq 100 - change the monitor headset;
  • -soft - start the game using the graphics mode Software;
  • -d3d - start the game using the Direct3D graphics mode;
  • -gl - start the game using the Open GL graphics mode;
  • -noforcemparms - use mouse button settings from the operating system;
  • -noforcemaccel - use the mouse acceleration settings from the operating system;
  • -noforcemspd - use mouse speed settings from the operating system;
  • -nojoy - disable joystick support;
  • -noipx - disable the LAN protocol;
  • -noip - remove IP addresses without the ability to connect to servers;
  • -nosound - turn off the sound in the game;
  • -nosync - disable vertical synchronization;
  • -console - enable the developer console;
  • -dev - enable the developer's mod;
  • -zone # - allocate a large amount of memory to files, for example autoexec.cfg;
  • -safe - run the game in safe mode and turn off the audio;
  • -autoconfig - restore the standard settings of video parameters;
  • -condebug - save all console logs in the text file console.log;
  • -nocrashdialog - turn off display of different errors;
  • + exec name.cfg - connect the config with the name "name".

Useful commands if you are a streamer:

  • + Cpu_frequency_monitoring - show the frequency of your processor;
  • + Engine_no_focus_sleep_convar - the image quality will not deteriorate when another window is launched;
  • cl_obs_interp_enable - fast transition from one player to another;
  • + Cl_hideserverip - hide the server's IP address.

Startup commands if you have a weak PC:
-console -novid -threads 4 -refresh 120 -noforcemparms -high -tickrate 128 + cl_cmdrate 128 + cl_updaterate 128 + rate 128000 + ex_interpratio 1

It is strongly recommended that you use these settings, regardless of the power of your computer. We believe that these are the optimal CS launch parameters: GO.




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