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Nickynames in CS:GO

Guides09:38, 01.08.2017
Nickynames in CS:GO

If you often spend time in public, you need to create a cool nickname for the PC, because it plays a key role. Therefore, in this article we will detail the information that will probably help to become a popular person in the gaming community.

How to come up with a nickname for everyone in Steam?

As you know, many players play on ordinary servers. Often there are cases when the profile name in the incentive for pro players differs from the nicknames themselves. The case involves anonymity. In addition, other gamers come up with cool nicknames, which are very easy to remember. This applies to a lot of known streamers.

If you want your nickname to be unique and easily recognizable, stick to a few simple rules. Naturally, funny nicks are popular to this day, but there are doubts that someone will want to position themselves with such a nickname on the stage:

  • Do not use very long nicknames.
  • Do not abuse with the font size of your nickname.
  • If your nickname consists of Russian letters, then it will not be popular in the international format.
  • Do not copy nicknames about players or other people who are related to e-sports, such as nicknames of casters, game developers, etc.

If you use hieroglyphics in your nickname, you first need to clarify their meaning in any translator, what do they mean.

Do not use complex and incomprehensible nicknames

Many newcomers, trying to think up a "top nickname," make a big mistake. The mistake is that gamers add different symbols to their nickname: dashes, quotes, dots, etc. As a result, your nickname will be difficult to read and even more memorable.

Compare nicks of top players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In their nicknames, the usual English words are used. This is probably the best option for those who have problems with inventing a worthy name. All the "patsan" nicknames will attract the attention of "regular customers" public, but such nikneimy will cause nothing more than laughter. Find the list of TOP-10 players, you will not see a nickname in it, for example 3JlOu_XJlE6yWEK. Therefore, first think carefully about creating an original nickname, otherwise suddenly the case will drop out and you will gain popularity, and your nickname will be ridiculous.

Common mistakes

The first thing to remember is that cool nicknames are never published on websites. Any sites in the style of "how to come up with a good nickname," there are collected nicknames, from which almost all the laughs are laughing. This applies to nicknames, for example, "AK-47" - the remaining weapons will look cool only for those who went to play for a while. These nicknames are not for funny.

Let's add some more rules:

  • Come up with interesting and unique nicknames yourself.
  • Nicknames in English for boys should not contain the characters "xXx" "..:", etc.
  • You can add the name of your clan before your name (it can be with or without division).

Take for example any popular Russian YouTube, their nicknames do not contain unnecessary characters, and their videos are typing thousands, and even millions of views.

As a conclusion, we note that cool nicknames for cs go are created with the help of an excellent game, but not the other way around. You can find fame and with the nickname McTuTeJIb, if the level of your game attracts the attention of other people.




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