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Unreliable status in CS: GO

Guides09:05, 18.08.2017
Unreliable status in CS: GO

Every day the game becomes more secure, so there are conditions for a comfortable game without cheaters. However, there are exceptions when it comes to the system and its not always the correct way to identify the perpetrators.

What should I do if your Steam account has unreliable status?

You have received a vaccine in all cases. The message can come at once or in a short time. The system marked your account as cheating, which violated the user agreement. Usually the account is blocked permanently, but it happens that for one year.

The second option is a random error. The mistake is removed through the time, you still need to prove that you are not here to deal with and play honestly. You need to write a letter to the technical support of the stim, but a patrol may not recognize his wrong verdict.

The status of an untrustworthy cs go account often began to appear among gamers, it's good or bad - to understand the game community. How would an active fight with cheaters, but at the same time suffer and innocent players.

Not all was lost!

Mostly the patrol puts your account account for consideration, after that a verdict will be made. If you do not violate anything, then the lock will be automatically canceled.

However, it is still unpleasant to receive a message stating that you have an unreliable status in your company.

The opinion of ordinary players

The forums have many topics, in which he wrote that the players who have come to patrol COP of other gamers put themselves in jeopardy of being banned. So the game developers of CS should be brought this problem to the mind, as the interest in the game in decent players can quickly fade away. The fight against cheaters is not yet available on all 100%, and they continue to feel like kings in the game.




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