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How to become a professional player in CS: GO?

Guides14:50, 27.03.2017
How to become a professional player in CS: GO?

You often see interviews of players, championships in which popular teams play? Many people thought about how to become a pro gamer to experience those emotions, give themselves up to the game as much as possible to win a victory in this or that championship and get a big prize fund.

Especially for you we have selected advice for those who want to become a professional player in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Develop strategies

About the players in the game must strategically act in any situation, as well as good shooting, be able to stretch and so on. You must always know what to do. If you do not know the answer to the question, then you lost.

The ability to quickly navigate in a difficult situation also plays a key role for the player in cs go. The game is not "one size fits all." If you have met with a "hindered" opponent, you also need to play slowly. If on the contrary, then make him a trap!

Always report your actions and other useful information to your team. If you remain silent - then the chances of winning in the round will be catastrophically small. There is such a thing as economics, discuss it with the team to know what the total amount of purchases will be in the round for a possible victory.

Be aware

It is necessary to know all timings, place designations on each map, be able to throw snapshots, smokies and so on.

To be able to perform your role in the game is also an important point, whether you are a specialist or a wagon. The wagon usually plays a lot of styles, which can come to the aid of the team at any time, when there is a difference between the players in the skills of owning the situation, shooting with any weapons, etc. Specialists mainly play with one kind of weapon, for example hundreds of clock, such a player will always perform the best shot with the appropriate weapon.

Keep calm

To become a professional, stay calm in extreme game situations: many newcomers who find themselves on LAN'ax play worse than at home. It is connected with the new situation and the nerves under test. You do not need to move your anger on the types. As you know, the captain of the team differs from the core with his calmness, as well as the ability to encourage allies in the game.

Coolness is the guarantee of your confidence. Do not be conceited, if you are going well at first. A recognized ally is the main reason for the breakup of teams with excellent potential, because he gives more preference to himself than to the team. To be a unique player is not enough: you sometimes have to put yourself in second place, so that in difficult times you can help the students achieve success.

Play to the fullest

The lifestyle of the player is not as simple as it seems. You should be as hardy as possible. Be aware that the game has turned from entertainment into work. It is zealous and long work that allowed many top teams to become winners of the famous championships.

You will need to train at least 10 hours a day, so that in the future you develop a high level of endurance and reaction. Analysts say that the level of dedication can be difficult for beginners about players, since it is not viable in terms of money without external sponsorship and support. This is the most difficult step for beginners - they believe that spending a good time in the game is a dream, but here there are failures, fatigue and other factors. Career about the player is a difficult job that is full of ups and downs, in other ways, as in any other work.

If you possess all that is listed above, then we wish a good game and the right allies!




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