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How to learn to shoot well in CS: GO?

Guides11:51, 20.04.2017
How to learn to shoot well in CS: GO?

Surely everyone knows that shooting in kosu is important, so we offer you a detailed guide. If you have hands from the same place, then no config will help you and aim cs go will be low. Therefore, you need to learn all the details of the shooting and other hidden advantages.

Note that this article contains new and old tips, the uniqueness of which is not lost, but complex development is required. We carried it out so you knew how to shoot cs go correctly.

Select the main points for shooting in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

  • Detailed analysis of the physics of motion;
  • Ways of survival in the most extreme cases;
  • Techniques of shooting and methods of accurate hits from shots;
  • Control of the spray (spread) of weapons.

After each item, we will give you some tips with which you can create a productive strategy in the game CS: GO.

Shooting from a shotgun

Shotguns in cs go are a controversial kind of weapon, opinions about which the players diverge. Someone considers him one of the best, the other thinks that this is a completely useless weapon. Note that two opinions are incorrect, since a shotgun is a rather complicated device in combat, for the successful application of which it is necessary to train a lot.

A little advice. The spread in the situation with a shotgun is a fixable matter. You need to pay attention to the advantages, namely the fast reloading of the store, which helps in uninterrupted shooting.

Close shooting with a shotgun

At a short distance to shoot with this type of weapon is very effective, since you can kill your opponent with just one shot. This is not hide and seek cs go, but if you look around the corner, you can win extra seconds. However, all this is realized only with your technique and speed. An important advantage is fast recharging of the shotgun.

Tip: the opponent will see you faster if you slowly look out from behind a wall, a barrel, a box, etc. Therefore, you should use the maximum speed. Dramatically get out and the enemy is already in your sight without a chance to stay alive.

Attack with shotgun

First of all, let's draw your attention to a sudden attack on one or more of your opponents. Inaccurate shooting will be blocked by rate of fire, if you are new to ks, then this will suit you. Here you need to make the most of: the kind of battle, watch out for the armor, and also count your opportunities.

Tip: As you know when you shoot, the game thinks you are standing still. Deceive her! After all, almost all weapons are uncontrollable with active traffic.

Protection with Shotgun

First you need to forget about close combat, so here it is ineffective. The attack is markedly different from defense, where the characteristics of the weapon will be a vulnerable place. Think of something unique in terms of protection, as well-known templates are easily provided.

Tip: Use safe lanes for movement and try to anticipate the next steps of the opponent. Cuddle need to the side where the possible threat of attack will come from.

Shooting at a long distance

Here the problem is the long-range battle. You can spend a certain number of seconds to aim, but the efficiency will be small. Use other weapons, adjust the sight to each and take into account the card and its features (you can choose the right moment on any card).

Tip: If possible, take a knife in your hand and run, because in this case you will have a greater speed of movement. Even a grenade in your hand can slow you down. It is not necessary to move on the outside. Many people think that they will be able to see the enemy before, but you will not be able to see anything except bullets.

How to shoot rifles in cs go

It depends on the type of weapon. For the sniper and assault rifles, there are different approaches. It is enough to know how to properly shoot a rifle and have an idea of the weapons that you use.

Tip: Choose the rifle that best suits the specific type of combat, then its use will give you the maximum results in the game.

Kinds of shooting from rifles in csgo:

1. Shooting with one cartridge
Quite a controversial method, but effective for the weapon, which has good accuracy and penetration. Thus, in some cases you can finish off the wounded or without the player's armor. Using a one-shot method, do not rush to make a second shot, until the full reduction of your sight has passed. The second bullet may simply not reach the desired place of the enemy, where you aimed. To hit the head from the first time you need to select a powerful weapon, and in some cases, make a control shot at the same place.

2. Shooting two rounds
Here there is a short period of reduction of the sight, but the probability of death of the enemy increases. The only drawback of this method is if you have low accuracy and a slight defeat of your opponent.

3. Shooting three rounds
The most effective method: the first shot is the laying of the way, and the remaining two will finish the opponent if the first bullet did not. Here the time to reduce the scope becomes higher, but the chances of killing become larger.

Note: for most types of weapons, there is practically no difference between using two or three cartridges. You need to build on the store and the characteristics of your weapons.

4. Shooting the queue
In this case, you can kill only a stray bullet into the head of your opponent. This method is suitable for melee combat, and it's better not to use it at a greater distance, as there will be no rationality.

That, in fact, and all the tips for shooting. Train your aim on special maps and never be discouraged!




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