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How to fly in CS: GO?

Guides22:03, 04.02.2017
How to fly in CS: GO?

You had to watch a video of cs go on which the player moves on the map at high speed, overcoming various obstacles. Such an opportunity is useful when you are training in the spread of grenades on maps in kos. To do this, you need to enable cheats by writing the following command in the console: sv_cheats 1. This command will work if the server was created by you.

Let's take a closer look at the guide on how to fly in kosu. We write the command in the console: noclip. Noclip is responsible for flying in kosu. If you want to disable this cheat in X, you need to re-register this command in the console. It is worth noting that during the training you often have to use cheats cs go to fly on the map. Naturally, you need to open the console every time and register the same noclip command in cs go. To make it more comfortable for you to train, make a key to the keyboard key.

How to knoxen noclip in cs go

Using the bind cs go, you can bind to any button activation and deactivation of the Noclip.

We continue to write in the console:
Bind "f7" noclip - if you press the F7 key, you activate the cheat on the flight.

It was like an example, above it has already been written that you can use any key, so in quotes write your suitable button. Do so that this key does not have a zabindine for another cheat, otherwise your settings may go down.




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