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How to kick yourself in CS: GO

Guides09:21, 14.06.2017
How to kick yourself in CS: GO

How to kick yourself in cs go in competitive mode

A common situation that happens to ordinary players is when you need to leave the game for various reasons: it is urgent to turn off the computer and go on business, today does not fly and you do not have the desire to play further and so on. Exit the game yourself - the option is not very, since you get a ban from 30 minutes to 1 week, the term of the ban depends on whether you received a ban before. You can provoke your team by playing inadequately, so that she kicks you. But beyond that you can still get a report for inappropriate behavior in the game. So, the best way to get out of the game is to ask the teammates to vote against you, or to do it cunningly, using a certain set of commands through the console.

Let's see in more detail how to kick yourself from the server in kosu? On your statistics this does not affect and you will not get a ban either. Note that this method works in both modes: normal and competitive. To complete the self-assembly task, you need to open the console when playing the match. If it does not appear, then you need to enable it in the game settings. Go to the "Game Options", to the right of the "Enable Developer Console" option, set "Yes".

  • The first thing we do is register the "status" command in the console.

  • In the console you will see a list with the players who are present and playing on the server. Find yourself in this list and remember your order number at the beginning of the line.

  • Further in the console, we assign such a command "callvote kick yourid", where yourid is your serial number from the list of players.

  • If you have correctly written all the commands, then after that a long-awaited window will appear with a vote about expelling you from the server, the creator of which is yourself. However, this is not always successful, as some players can vote no and you will either have to continue playing cs go, or quit the game and get a ban.

Therefore, it is best to determine in advance the time that you can devote to the game process, playing a match from the beginning to the end and not bringing things to a kick in cs go.




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