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How and where to sell skins cs: go?

Guides15:25, 18.12.2016
How and where to sell skins cs: go?

As you know, the game has its own in-game currency, which is presented in the form of cases, gloves, graffiti, skins, music set and so on.

Some skins to the player can drop off at the end of the game, or he can get them by opening case studies in kosu, and he can also buy a Steam on the trading floor.

You can try to play roulette cs go. The Internet is filled to the brim with them.

Let's say you have skinheads or other things that you do not really need and would like to sell them. Below we describe three popular ways with which you will understand how to sell things for real money.

Sell skin skins on the trading platform on Steam

First you need to go to your inventory, select the suitable item that you want to sell. Then click the "Sell" button.

When the "Set an object for sale" window appears, determine the price you want to receive from buying a thing in cs: go. You can do this in the line "You will receive" or in the "Buyer will pay".

Note that the buyer will pay more than the cost that you will receive after buying it, since here the Steam commission is also taken into account. To quickly sell skins cs go, specify the price in the "Buyer Pays" line, which is the minimum for your skin (see item 3 in the picture above).

After you have decided on the price, accept the terms of the agreement and put the item on sale. If your account is attached to your mobile phone, confirm through it the sale of the product through the Steam application.

This is a 100% way that you will not be deceived.

The downside of this method is that you can not withdraw money after the sale, they will remain on your virtual account. They can be spent on the purchase of anything you like inside the steam.

Sale of skins cs go through the guarantor

It is best to sell a thing with an intermediary. If you find a potential buyer or vice versa, the buyer has found you, or rather your thing, resort to connecting the guarantor. Choose a reliable guarantor, who has many positive reviews.

How is this exchange going?

You give your thing to the guarantor and specify your purse WebMoney / QIWI / YandexMoney and so on. At this time, the buyer transfers money to the guarantor for your thing. When the guarantor has received everything, that is necessary, he gives you money, and to the buyer - a thing. It is worth noting that part of this money will be taken by the guarantor (the amount is agreed in advance, which is approximately 5-10% of the total cost of the goods).

Selling skins through the website

On the Internet there are many resources through which you can sell skins cs go. To select a site, you need to carefully study it, search for user reviews.

When you have chosen a site, authorize it through Steam and put out your things that you want to sell.

When you log into the site through Steam, go to your profile settings and paste your Steam trade link into the appropriate field so that the site bot can offer an exchange between you and the buyer.

After you have inserted an exchange link, put things on sale.

When there is a buyer, you will receive a confirmation of the sale. After a successful sale, you can withdraw money for wallets or bank cards, which are specified in the site rules.

This is how most sites work, aimed at how to sell skins cs go.




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