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How make kraft in CS: GO

Guides10:15, 17.01.2017
How make kraft in CS: GO

The game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive appeared in the distant 2012 and quickly gained recognition in the world market. Many thought that this part would look like the rest, except that it will only differ by graphics. But no, the developers managed to take a step forward in this series of games and the game gained unprecedented popularity among the players cs go. The emergence of new maps, missions, modes, skins and so on - all this was a new impetus for the growth of the community.

Contracts of exchange in cs go

We note at once such a moment: the quality of the skins that you exhibit for exchange may not always correspond to the quality of the weapons you received after the cs go crafting. As you know, skinheads are divided into 5 different types: "straight from the factory," "slightly worn out," "after field tests," "shabby," "tempered in battle." In other words, speaking, this is the quality of the weapon in kos. According to professional players - crafters, there has been a time in the game for a time when a weapon with a category has practically no effect whatsoever. Although, for example, you can sell a quality "directly from the factory" skin at a great price unlike other types. Many players look at the appearance of the weapon, thereby giving preference to the weapon, which has a minimum number of scratches or scuffs. Do not forget that the quality of weapons does not change during the game, if it was "a bit shabby," then it will remain forever.

The rarity of weapons under the contract csgo

In addition to the division of weapons into species, weapons of arms also differ in their rarity. Developers created 7 categories, each belongs to its own skin. The most frequent fallout (drop) of skins in cs go is the white type (consumer goods). Next come other types of rarities in weapons: light blue (industrial quality), dark blue (army quality), purple (prohibited weapons), pink-purple (classified weapons) and red (secret weapons). The seventh category contains exclusively "unusual rare" items of yellow or orange color, namely knives. The chance of obtaining such items is extremely small, you will need to spend well and open a large number of cases of cs go. But, the appearance of the weapon does not affect its use in the game. Simply with the help of cool skins you can stand out, in other words, ponut before other players, and after all, no one will know if you bought a skin on the trading floor on Steam or knocked yourself out. If you have expensive skins, then respect among other players to you will be more.

As mentioned above, it's not easy to get expensive weapons out of the case, so the developers have foreseen such a phenomenon as kraft in kos. It allows you to give your 10 skins in exchange for a more expensive or cheaper skin than the total amount of 10 skins.

How do contracts work?

First you need to choose ten items for the exchange contract, preferably take skins that have the same rarity. Next, find the "Exchange Contract" and throw all your items there. Then click on the craft button, wait until all the weapons you have added are filled with paper. Done! You got a skin from the same collection, but of a higher quality.

Agree, it would not be so interesting if the rules of exchange were always the same and the risk would be minimal. For example, if you put 10 items "directly from the factory", then you can drop a skin "a little worn" quality or worse "tempered in battle." Here, randomness and luck are the decisive factors in the result of crafting in cs go.

Until now, many players are arguing about what kind of weapons need to be placed in an exchange contract, so that really something worthwhile and expensive will fall out. On the Internet, you can find 100% crafting recipes in kosu, in which you will get quite a good weapon.

Successful krafts in cs: go!




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