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What is a patrol in CS: GO?

Guides09:42, 14.06.2017
What is a patrol in CS: GO?

What is a patrol and how to activate it - a complete guide for beginners

As we know a lot of people use cheats in cs go, so Valve has released such a function as a patrol that is aimed at identifying and banning cheaters. CS GO patrol is a unique phenomenon, and absolutely every player can be patrolled. It turns out that members of the community can themselves follow the honest game, revealing cheaters, the number of which every year only increases. Cheaters usually buy new Steam accounts and use cheats in them. This patrol system is free and works only on the enthusiasm of the players.

How to enable cs go patrol

Many are interested in how to become a patrol in the CC to make a small contribution to exposing cheating. To do this, you must fulfill certain conditions, since the patrol menu can be opened if you are not a breaking player. You need:

  • play at least 150 games in competitive mode;
  • not to violate the rules of matchmaking;
  • always finish the game until the end, not allowing fines;
  • not to have a ban in csgo;

Note that in the last paragraph, the ban only deals with the game of CS, if you have a ban in another game, it will not affect patrolling in any way. Such checks are necessary for revealing really law-abiding players who are able to evaluate someone's demo and say whether they used cheats or not. When viewing the demo, you will not know who you are watching, since it will be signed as a suspect. Therefore, in addition to confirming or refuting his guilt, you can not do anything.

Viewing a demo (recording a game) and revealing the use of cheats

When you were given a record, be sure to look through. You should understand that disregarding attitude, unfair accusations or choosing all the items in the form of results at random can lead to the fact that you will be restricted from accessing the following demos and entering your account on the blacklist. To re-become a patrolman, this is practical because the violating players will automatically refuse. Demos can be viewed through a specific menu.

After watching the demo you will have a window that is only available to the patrol. There you can determine the degree of cheating, saw you use cheats in the demo or not. There are 4 ratings:

  • Help in aiming. This option is responsible for any aimbots. If you saw in the demo that the player is somehow strangely aiming or the camera is twitching during the shooting all the time, we definitely put a point near the point "There are compelling reasons".
  • WH (in or out viewing through walls). The most common type of cheats in kos. To distinguish about the player from the cheater in using the wolf, you need to review the demo in detail and make an appropriate verdict.
  • Speedhack, etc. This category includes the use of any cheats that accelerate the player's movement on the map, make shots with more damage to the enemy, as well as other cheats that violate the rules of the user agreement.
  • Unbecoming behavior. At this point, you determine the behavior of the player in the game, for example the suspect often afk, shoots at his teammates, dazzles them or other similar cases.

Ban intruders

As you know, support Valve can not keep track of all players cs go, so the patrol partially takes on this function and shifts it to the players. Do not try to get the menu just to increase your power in the game. If you everywhere put down "Insufficient evidence" to a specific demo of the suspect, then it will not be blocked, even if he used the cheat code. In order for a suspect to be banned, a verdict of at least two patrols is required, which should be similar in terms of the exposed four options that were described above. After that, the cheater will get the ban in csgo.

When catching cheaters with the help of the "Patrol" system, you will not receive drop, awards and other bonuses. The whole system works voluntarily, so the main goal is the blocking in cs go of unscrupulous community players. There are times when those players who do not use cheats leave the bans, but the verdict of the patrols was such that you allegedly could use different types of cheats, so this system is still far from being called ideal.




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