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Cheats in CS: GO - how not to be noticed?

Guides09:05, 07.07.2017
Cheats in CS: GO - how not to be noticed?

Cheats in cs go is a method of dishonest game and threatens your steam account with getting a vaccine. If you are ready to continue to use cheats and buy new accounts, not complying with the rules, then please. If you play with cheats, then adhere to the following rules, how not to burn in kosu with cheats:

1. If you include cheat x, then forget about the walls, never drive on them, otherwise it looks somewhat strange.
2. If you use aim, first configure it, even though the configuration is safe, check it.
3. Always test all the cheat software yourself. Train on the bots. If you see the jambs, correct them and go to matches with real players.
4. If you play on too palevnyh cheats, do not fall for 100%, especially with a voice.
5. If you were asleep, exit the server or just shut up, listen to the conversation teammates.
6. Follow the principle: merge once every four rounds. So it's best to bypass the ban on the server or when your demo will look at the patrol. We strongly recommend that you follow this rule.
7. Keep in mind that your constant headaches in kos can lead to a lot of reports. Headshot in the framework of what is allowed.
8. Buy private cheats on resources with a positive reputation. Such cheats are more reliable.
9. Admins have brains, so you use cheat cs go wisely.




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