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Frequent mistakes made by players in CS: GO

Guides09:49, 18.06.2017
Frequent mistakes made by players in CS: GO

As you know, gamers can often make silly mistakes in everyone. In this article, we will analyze in detail the main TOP-10 basic mistakes of players in the game.

1. Fear of an empty clip
"Damn, I'm in an extreme situation, my store is not full, only 29 rounds out of 30. It's time to recharge!"
Do not recharge, spending an extra second of time on this. If you are an experienced cs go player with a higher rank than NOVA II, then you will only need 10 cartridges in the store to kill two enemies. If you have the rank of Bigstar, then all the more it makes no sense to do the recharging.

2. Constant running around on the map
"I'm tired of standing still and waiting for the enemy, I'll go make up, I can meet someone."
Running on the map is not desirable in search of the enemy, you need to have an excerpt waiting for him and prepare for the meeting. Sit in a less secure place and wait for it. This is especially true if you are playing for the side of special forces.

3. I love skins
"I got a new skin, now I will only run with it!"
A common situation is when a player buys a new skin on the trading floor on Steam or opens it through cases in cs go, and wants to run with it, even though he can not shoot with him or this weapon does not suit for frequent use in battles (for example XM1014), especially in competitive mode. The outcome of the match will certainly be sad, as your team can lose.

4. Capture a bomb in an uncomfortable place for viewing
Players new to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will often capture the bomb so that it leads to a lot of problems. You need to put the "package" so that it is maximally viewed, and in which case, you could easily kill the enemy trying to clear the bomb.

5. There is no one on the prison - you can defuzit!
If the opponent is not on the site of the bombing, it does not mean that the enemy is at a great distance from you. He can hide in any secluded place and watch you until you begin the bomb dephosis, and at the right moment shoot you.

6. Lack of any information
A lot of players do not give useful information. Rarely you meet teimeyts who report clear information without balabolstva. CS: GO is a game in which you can achieve success only with the help of your team and skill. Therefore, buy yourself a microphone, if it is not, and let's just inform your partners.

7. It's time to destroy!
At low ranks, you can find similar cases when the special forces are the first to attack terrorists and run to them through the whole map. Remember, it's pointless to make terrorists, as they should do it, because they need to put a prisoner, and you have to defend it.

8. Go or run?
We will pay more attention to this item. Many players can not move normally on the map: they run when it is necessary to walk quietly; Then steal on the cipher when they are attacked by rivals or even jumping on a sniper with a knife in his hand, which is at a considerable distance. It is necessary to find the balance between running and walking. Each card will be unique. For example: you are a terrorist on the map of Mirage and you need to run to the apartments, and then go to the prison slowly using the Shift key - this must be done so that the enemy does not hear your steps and informs his teammates.

9. I walk with the cock - or "throw out the P90"
Do not play in the game, all the while shooting with the P90. Learn to fire from another weapon, for example AK-47, M4A1-S, etc. Suppose you have a good command of the P90, but what will you do if you have AK-47, AWP, M4A1-S and other weapons in your hands?

10. Fear of the enemy
Surely you have seen more than once when your team got scared of the enemy and tried to escape from him. Do not do this, you need to boldly go at him and shoot.

Write in the comments, what are the main mistakes of beginners and not only players in CS: GO.




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