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Bust in CS: GO

Guides10:44, 15.03.2017
Bust in CS: GO

What is account bust in cs go - the pros and cons

Bust (from English translates as an increase, increase) - this is a great way to improve your rank in the game. Bust has one main difference from the independent pumping rank. It is that the Steam account of a player is being worn by another person who has more experience than you.

This service is naturally paid. Payment can be like skins, or money on electronic wallets. The average price of a boost from silver to big is 750 rubles, if to the legendary golden eagle - 1000 rubles, and to the global elite - 1800 rubles. There are of course boosters that offer a lower cost for the services provided (for example 600 rubles - boost to the world elite). But in such cases, there is a high probability that the booster can use cheats ks and after some you can get a vaccine on your gaming steam account.

The time limit for your account will depend on the skill and the games won in each game. As you know, it takes 1-2 days to raise the rank from silver to big old.

On the titles of silver - master Guardian skill player to play very easily. Games end with a crushing score. If the booster has more stars for the match (MVP is the most valuable player), then the rank will grow exponentially. Overall, the pumping to Kalash I-II will be very fast: the teams do not stand up and give up or lose 16-0.

On the titles Legendary Eagle - Global Elite gamers are already more experienced, so here the increase in rank is quite difficult.

The topic of boost is widely discussed in the Counter-Strike community: Global Offensive. Some people think that only harm comes from boost, others think that this is a good chance in the future to increase your experience, playing with players higher in rank than your real.

The arguments of the first:

  • The booster prevents a normal game for people who have a lower rank than he and can not compete with him on the same level.
  • After the booster has downloaded your account, it returns to you, but it does not already match your real rank. Other players will be uncomfortable playing with you, since you do not match the title, for example you are Silver, and you have the title of Golden Eagle.

The second justify their opinion by the fact that boost keeps their extra time and nerves.

It's hard to say which of these two sides is right, but our site team only for honest cs go boost. Be who you really are, and everyone will reach out to you!




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