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Free skins in CS: GO

Guides09:15, 22.04.2017
Free skins in CS: GO

Many believe that in order to have expensive skins in your inventory, you will need to spend a lot of money. The Internet is teeming with various resources, where you can get free skins in cso by using the necessary conditions for their receipt. Naturally, you will not get consumer goods and can leave with a skin in your arms.

Skins for 1 ruble

At first it may seem that this is not possible, however it is far from being so. You can buy your favorite skin for a fee of 1 ruble. The trade in cs will always be popular, so you have something to think about.

The most common option to win freestanding skins in cs go is cs go roulette. Here the most minimal rates, and the chances that in your inventory there are free skins for cs go are quite good. With this scenario, it's hard for you to tear yourself away from roulettes until you stop or lose all the skins in cs go. The roulette system is the same as the cs go system, selecting opponents for each game.

Buy skins cheaply

Players always want to buy skins at a cheaper price, that is, at a cheaper price. This is not a fairy tale, and not a divorce. Here are a few ways how to buy skins cheaply in cs go:

1. Go directly to the player
2. On special sites with its own trading platform (not Steam).
3. Participate in lotteries with a certain return of funds.

Naturally, there are other ways where you can buy skins, but in such cases, the price will be a little more expensive. Choose yourself where you can buy skins at a normal price.

The cheapest skins in cs go

We selected the most inexpensive and beautiful skins in cs go:

Glock-18 | Caramel apple - right from the factory such a skin costs 35 rubles.

  • AK-47 | Blue Laminate - on the steam platform is 220 rubles. A very famous and inexpensive model.
  • Sawed-Off | Origami - only 9 rubles for such a colorful skin.
  • AWP | Worm God - will cost 100 rubles, if directly from the factory.
  • M4A4 | Dragon King - a bright and rich skin for 460 rubles. At holding in hands looks effectively.

Freebie in CS: GO

Have you ever wondered how to get skins in cs go for free? We will disclose a few secrets that you will definitely need. Let's figure out how to get free skins in cs go:

Distributions. Your luck plays a big role here. Also you will need a Stream Twitch or hitbox. Every day there are lucky people who get skins or knives in ksu just for being the channel's fouls.

Repost in social networks. In this way, group administrators make advertisements so that participants make a repost entry on their page with the distribution of skins. This way the friends of the participants can see this entry, and they will either make a repost or join this group if they are interested in xo.

Random from Valve. After the game is over, you may drop drop in cs go in the form of cases, skins or graffiti. If the desired skin has not dropped out, you can sell the drop in cs go and save virtual money for a new skin.




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