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Top 20 players of 2015

Miscellaneous18:33, 20.01.2016
Top 20 players of 2015

According to tradition, with the advent of the new year well-known gaming portal topics publishes the top 20 best players of the past year in the discipline CS: GO. These ratings, every time up with the support of partner, in 2016 the company made a site-stamp bookmaker

From 1 January reporters publishes the best of the best, in their opinion, the players CS: GO 2015. It is worth noting that there are not just statistics, but were still considered commanding performance at LAN-tournaments, as well as each individual game of competitive players.

The current list of the top 20 players on the 2015 version

1. Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer

2. Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács

3. Nicolai "device" Reedtz

4. Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski

5. Robin "flusha" Rönnquist

6. Kenny "kennyS" Schrub

7. Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson

8. Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer

9. Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt

10. Jesper "JW" Wecksell

11. Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund

12. Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen

13. Richard "shox" Papillon

14. Egor "flamie" Vasilyev

15. René "cajunb" Borg

16. Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg

17. Filip "NEO" Kubski

18. Dan "apEX" Madesclaire

19. Aleksi "allu" Jalli

20. Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham




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