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P2000 | Imperial Dragon 1st place
AK-47 | Safari Mesh for 2nd place
MAC-10 | Rangeen for 3rd place
Sawed-Off | Yorick for 4th place
Pack of cases for 5th place

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North North vs SK SK


Full name: Jesper Wecksell

Age: 21

Steam profile: JW

Twitch channel: JW

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Jesper Wecksell - chose the nickname "JW" the first letters of the name and surname, he became a professional player in the game thanks to CS: GO. Earlier, playing CS 1.6, it was less well known than in 2012, when became a member of the team Fnatic. There he began to show good results, which were to win the hearts of fans, especially when he takes AWP in hand, he has no equal.



Percent headshots: 36.00%

On average kills/round: 0.76

On average assists/round: 0.15

On average deaths/round: 0.68

Total kills: 19871

Total deaths: 17634

Maps played: 1007

Rounds played: 26105

K/D: 1.13

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