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Audi стали спонсором Astralis \\shon
ТОП-20 игроков CS:GO 2016 года \\shon
suNny присоединился к PENTA Sports \\shon
Обновление в CS:GO от 13.01.17 \\shon
FNS возвращается в CLG \\shon
Gambit квалифицировались на DH Masters Las Vegas \\shon
Победители конкурса "Гуру прогнозов" 01.01.2017 \\shon
Maikelele и pita сформировали новую команду \\shon
Обновление в CS:GO от 15.12.16 \\shon
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Full name: Kenny Schrub

Age: 19

Steam profile: KENNYS

Twitch channel: KENNYS

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Kenny "Kennys" Schrub is a French professional players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and former player in Counter-Strike: Source Player. He currently plays for the French team Titan. By the end of 2014, he ranked sixth in the top twenty best players. He is fluent in AWP, making steep Killa, but it is not the best sniper in the game. Currently Kennys 19 years. His career began 3 years ago, when he began playing for the team VeryGames in CS: Source. In 2013, he left the team and moved to VeryGames team Recursive. However, he was there for just three months and left her, starting to play for the Clan-Mystik. Next clan Mystic he travels to the team Titan. At this time, in May 2014, the Titans went from player shox, Kennys began to take his place and to this day continues to play in this team.



Percent headshots: 31.67%

On average kills/round: 0.83

On average assists/round: 0.12

On average deaths/round: 0.62

Total kills: 9351

Total deaths: 7035

Maps played: 486

Rounds played: 11325

K/D: 1.33

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