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Maps played:1492
Rounds played:38055
Total kills:135344
Total deaths:123314
Main Roster:
  • player cs go GeT_RiGhT
    GeT_RiGhTChristopher Alesund
  • player cs go f0rest
    f0restPatrik Lindberg
  • player cs go dennis
    dennisDennis Edman
  • player cs go Lekr0
    Lekr0Jonas Olofsson
  • player cs go REZ
    REZFredrik Sterner


NiP team appeared in later ordinary clan, which was originally called simply OF, and players just decided to build a website to register for clanbase, to be able to participate in competitions between clans, then they do not even think to grow into a large organization, headed by former player Emil «HeatoN» Christensen.

Team showed itself in 2001, and established itself as the team name. A major change in the command passed in 2000, as they have changed their name to E9, due to the fact that there was no maintenance team sponsor. Their first and colossal victory over the team was Team 3D, but after a long time, is still sponsor in SKGaming, and later this turned out commands such as SKSweden, and then they got a good impetus for the development of their organizations have called NiP . And in 2005 they leave the organization, and develop their personal and become popular team, until now.

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