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Overview and betting on eSports on the Europe Minor Championship 2018

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Overview and betting on eSports on the Europe Minor Championship 2018

July 19-22 in London will host the final part of the Europe Minor Championship. European "minor", organized by Faceit with the support of Valve will be the last in turn among the rest of the regions. The prize fund will be $ 50 thousand, and 1-2 seats will receive a ticket to the upcoming FACEIT Major. We offer a brief overview of the tournament and highlight the most promising CS GO bets for the upcoming championship for the most gambling spectators.

List of participants

For the tickets to the next "major" 8 teams from the European region who have passed closed qualifications will compete:

In general, closed qualifications for Europe have been quite expected. A small surprise, perhaps, was the absence of the main stage of AGO and Heroic, just like the uncertain game from these teams.

Inside the two teams there have been changes. In particular, 3DMAX replaced its regular sniper Adlane on JACKZ. In turn, the Swedes from the Red Reserve changed the coach: to replace the NaSu came Chrille. The rest of the participants will play with their usual compositions.

Tournament format and distribution by groups

Depending on the occupied places in the qualification, the teams sowed 2 groups of 4 teams each. The group stage will pass through the GSL system. In the starting round of each group the teams were divided into pairs. Winners and losers meet each other, a grid in the double-elimination groups. Starting tour and "winners" matches are played to 1 victory (bo1), matches of "losers" and meetings for the departure are played in the format of up to 2 victories (bo3).

In the playoffs go to 2 teams from each quartet. The grid is also double-elimination, all matches, including the grand finale in the bo3 format. Match for third place is not provided.

Groups and bets for the first round

Main favorites and rates

All bookmakers offering CS:GO bets for the matches of the Europe Minor Championship 2018 allocate four favorites with average odds to win:

These teams are higher than others now in the rating of HLTV, played well the last tournaments online and also showed a good CS during the qualifying games. It will be a big sensation if teams from the list are not on the "major" from Europe. On the background of the others, OpTic Gaming stands out most clearly. This is an obvious favorite of the group "A", so good rates can be a victory in the tournament as a whole, and triumph in group meetings.  

The obvious gap between "Opticians" on quotations is quite natural. The Danish line-up is one of the most notable on the current event, and besides it has proved extremely confident on the two previous qualifications. First, OpTic easily won the selection for the DreamHack Masters, beating SpaceSoldiers and competitors in the 3DMAX group. After that, without a single losing series, qualification was also taken for this tournament. At the same time during her "Opticami" was beaten by another team from the group "A" LeftOut. Thus, the release of OpTic from the group should not cause doubts. In the playoffs for sure it will be more difficult, but the team of experience and motivation is not enough, and therefore there will be good chances.


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