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Bets for 27.02.17

Maps played:322
Rounds played:8238
Total kills:28603
Total deaths:27082


Dignitas was founded in 2003, is a leader in areas such as Legue of Legendds StarCraft 2 and others. The composition according to CS: GO played in 2013 and has established itself among the world's top teams, with whom they thought had no chance, but they played not one change in the composition without changing it until 2014, that all very happy, and they won a lot of championships where the general fund has collected $ 72,840 that was not important enough for their sponsors. She also played up NiP team three times, which was a surprise for all fans of the team, and just beat the Titan on the map with a nuke account (16: 1), and there were many brilliant performances, where they have repeatedly shown their full strength.

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