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Profit of CS: GO case opening

Miscellaneous21:04, 20.11.2018
Profit of CS: GO case opening

If you have ever wondered whether it is possible to make money with CS:GO cases, we have the good news for you. Allocate your funds to the necessary cases, and you can increase your chances of success and making a good profit.

Find out how to maximize the use of your funds at Why exactly this site? The main reason - it is legal and will pay your money. Although the price for the cases is a little higher here, but if you play reasonably, you can have your earnings.

Making money with opening cases requires luck, time and patience. If you are willing to invest your resources into it, you will need to decide whether you want to do this in the short or long term. With that said, long-term benefits require careful planning of your assets.

Let's start!

First, let's take a look at short-term profit, and then find out how to gradually turn your short-term income into steady long-term one. Usually people choose this path if they are just starting or have a small capital. If you are lucky, you will get income quickly. The best cases to open if you have a limited amount of money are Milspec and Restricted.

Milspec case is very cheap, about $ 0.30. As a rule, you will get skins that range from $ 0.03 to $ 5.00 - $ 7.00 if you are very lucky. By the way, provides the probability of dropping all skins in a case. This case will be profitable for you, since it is quite cheap, but here you have to rely on luck to drop something over $ 0.30. As soon as you have an item of this price, you are in the black.

Restricted case is fairly priced at $ 1.50. Open such a case for a couple of times, and you will have a significant profit. The 40% of items in the case guarantee you a certain revenue, depending on their condition. If you plan to focus on them, you will need to have a significant amount of money, as they are much more expensive than the Milspec case, but they will bring you more profit than the previous ones. With that said, it also carries less risk.

The next step

There is another way to make a profit, but it requires both luck and money. You will still need to take the steps above if you want to turn it into a long-term plan. But also you will need serious dedication and substantial money. This is pretty risky, but you can get a good reward. This method should be considered only as a short-term plan, since cases are quite expensive.

It is better to use medium and expensive cases that offer various knives and weapons. The price ranges from $ 5.00 for a weapon case to $ 100 for knife cases. There are also combo sets that offer several items, ranging from $ 15.00 to $ 50, but they offer low income. To get the maximum profit for this short-term method, you will need to open Special cases.

Special cases are the most expensive, but they also give you the most expensive skins. These items include the famous AWP Dragon Lore and the very rare M4A4 Howl, which costs over $ 1000, depending on quality. It also includes AK 47 Fire Serpent, AWP Medusa, Bayonet Case Hardened and Bayonet Marble Fade, which cost from $ 400 to $ 900 depending on the state. And that's just for $ 200 per case.


In general, making money on the case opening is a profitable prospect. Whatever business you start it is worth remembering – making profit takes time and effort. Start small, for example, with Milspec and Restricted Cases. You will learn a lot taking a more difficult path, but your assets will last you longer. Try, experiment, play, but do not play around!




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