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Hurry to take part in a new competition on our website!

Miscellaneous15:46, 20.12.2015
Hurry to take part in a new competition on our website!

Become a member of the lottery equipment CS: GO!

The competition has 5 prizes, each of them has its own prize!

1 place - AWP Sun in Leo
2 place - M4A1-S Atomic Alloy
3 place - Five-SeveN Retrobution
4 place - 20 boxes "Breakout"
5 place - 5 boxes "Falchion"

Contest Rules:

In order to get in the first place, you only need to go for the upcoming match, click the "Vote" from the team that you think will win.
Thus, the more you will have the true predictions, the higher your ranking on the leaderboard competition.
Note number of points awarded for the faithful and to number of false predictions - each match is different, they are visible just under the voting buttons.
It is important to know, in this competition, unlike the previous one, will be more difficult to win, because If you intentionally miss matches (for example, where it is very difficult to determine the winner), the system otminusuet certain amount of points your ranking on the leaderboard. So do not be surprised,, if you missed a 4-5ti matches (any ratio) and your ranking in the competition fell, try to vote for all the matches, that is on the site. Also, do not forget, that the prizes can be obtained only if you subscribe to our community Steam, Twitter, at choice Facebook or Vkontakte (depending on your preferences or language), as well as to our feeds Youtube and Twitch. Recommended, before taking part competition, subscribe to us all, that, in the future, did not have too many questions!

Winners will be announced January 31, 2016 Twitch to broadcast, in the film site in the section "Important news" Steam Community and social networks.




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