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Space Soldiers - champions ASUS ROG Summer, the prize pool distribution

Championship09:51, 07.08.2016
Space Soldiers - champions ASUS ROG Summer, the prize pool distribution

Today's final game day began with a semifinal Space Soldiers - Millenium, where "space men" took place in the grand final thanks to wins with a score of 2-0 (Cobblestone 16-13, Dust2 16-11). The second semi-final match, where they met and Epsilon of ENCE, forced to sweat both teams. In the first map, which was the Nuke, ENCE led with a score of 3-12 after the first half, but missed the victory playing for the protection side, managed to play in regulation time - 16-14. The second card, Dust2, was no less interesting, where already more rounds, of ENCE pulled out a victory - 20-22. The second grand finalist decided on map Cobblestone, which won with a score of 16-12 Epsilon.

Mappull grand finale ASUS ROG Summer was defined as follows: Cache (Epsilon peak), Cobblestone (peak Space Soldiers) and Mirage, which however is not needed. When at its peak Epsilon tried to impose their game Turks (16-11), it totally failed to rival the peak, where the Space Soldiers simply declassed Swedes - 16-5. Thus Space Soldiers team win the ASUS ROG Summer grand final 2-0 for the first time in its history, becoming champions of big LAN-tournament. Congratulations!

1. Space Soldiers - $12,000
2. Epsilon - $7,000
3-4. ENCE - $3,000
3-4. Millenium - $3,000
5-6. Tricked
5-6. Escape
7-8. LGR
7-8. ArchAngels




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