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SL i-League CS: GO Invitational win the title!

Championship22:54, 22.05.2016
SL i-League CS: GO Invitational win the title!

In the last match in the framework of SL i-League CS: GO Invitational Natus Vincere team withstood another Polish team in the face of "Born to win" made it to the grand finale through the lower grid, but the "bears" confidently passed through the upper part. Format - best-of-three.

The first map de_inferno - choice of Natus Vincere. The first pistol round took, but then began a small "swing", but from the fifth round of the VP began to dominate and take round after round. In the 13-round series Na`Vi interrupted Poles victories, but the remaining two rounds, they pick up and could not. The first half ended with a score of 12: 3 in favor of the VP. The second pistol round already took Natus Vincere, but thereafter went to have VP. Then, "born to win" took three more rounds and let the two, continued to reduce expense. However, in the 27 round still managed to pick up his last point, which led them to victory in the first map - 16:11.

The second map de_train - choice The first pistol round took Natus Vincere, as well as the next two. His first point VP has earned the fourth round, but further polish composition could not do anything with an opponent. Na`Vi successfully taken each round, but at the end of the VP were still able to take a couple of rounds. As a result, the first half ended with a score of 12: 3 in favor of Na`Vi. The second pistol round have already, following four rounds also took the Polish team. In the 21-round Na`Vi finally managed to interrupt a series of victories opponent and then simply pick up their remaining rounds. Final score - 16: 8 in favor of Natus Vincere.

More - de_cbble third card. The first pistol round and two more have Natus Vincere, but in the sixth equalized. As a result, "born to win" were able to take in the first half of a couple of rounds - seventh, eleventh and fifteenth. However, the remaining rounds of the team's players took 9: 6. The second round took a pistol and Natus Vincere, and in 18 they equalized. But break them not given themselves began to take rounds. In 23 Na`Vi stopped "bears" round, but more they could do nothing. simply took his remaining rounds and won - 16:10.




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