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The scandal with the autographs of the players in the CS: GO!

Rumors12:14, 16.08.2015
The scandal with the autographs of the players in the CS: GO!

No sooner had the players enjoy the new update CS: GO, adds to the game long-awaited Team stickers to mark the imminent start of ESL One Cologne 2015 as the vast community immediately scandal. Exclusive stickers with autographs of some players were not quite so, and exclusive!

Notice so glaring fact managed one of the users Reddit, hiding behind the nickname phamtor. In the beginning, he noticed that the writing of the letter t in the autograph n0thing'a is more than familiar, and then verify that the signature was made by letters, which he had previously used himself.

As it turned out, some of the players were not happy with the way they look natural autograph, made by hand. In this regard, they enlisted the help of friends craftsmen who, without hesitation, pumped public fonts and hastily made a beautiful sign.

Players of this approach, according to their assurances, it was known not - they were not privy to the details of the production of refined digital copies of their autographs. At the very least, a public apology and an explanation of the situation has made the players and Cloud 9 Team SoloMid. They promised to correct the situation and confirmed that the signatures will be replaced in the near future.




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