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Singularity qualify for DH Summer

Championship13:17, 22.05.2017
Singularity qualify for DH Summer

After defeating Team123 2-1 (25-21 on Train, 13-16 at Nuke and 16-8 at Inferno), Singularity secured a place on the DreamHack Open 2017

European closed qualifications for DH Summer started with easy Singularity victories against ajukreizi teams and Pride both matches ended with a 2-0 score for the Danes.

In another part of the Red Reserve grid, Mikail's new "Maikelele" Bill named GreyFace was defeated, and in the meantime Team123 dealt with North Academy. When both Scandinavian teams met, Niels-Christian "NaToSaphiX" Sillassen and the company were able to win 2-0 to the grand final.

The Danish confrontation began on the Train map, where Singularity was able to score the first 5 rounds, and soon to finish half in its favor with a score of 11-4.

Despite the large backlog of rounds from their compatriots Team123 were able to bring the game to additional rounds for the defense, but then they were waiting for defeat. On the third series of additional rounds Singularity won and took the map of opponents themselves. The account on the first card was 25-21.

At Nuke, the Singularity team began to dominate again and finished half with 11-4, as on the first card, but Team123 this time did not give an opportunity to win the extra and took the second card 16-13.

After exchanges of peaks, the teams got on Inferno. It all started very close and the first half ended with 8-7 in favor of Singularity, and in the second half of Singularity they did not leave their opponents and the chance to finish the game with a score of 16-8.




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