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Singularity won the HellCase Cup 4

Championship23:17, 22.05.2017
Singularity won the HellCase Cup 4

In the grand final Singularity met with the Bulgarian top five from Outlaws and the Danes were able to win 2-0 (16-4 on the Train and 19-16 on the Mirage).

Singularity was one of the six teams that received an invitation to the HellCase Cup 4, while the Outlaws went through qualifications and were able to reach the finals. The first match in the playoffs was Singularity against the Red Reserve and the Danes scored 2-1 on the cards, and in the meantime Outlaws defeated Penta with the same margin on the cards.

The final started with the Train card (peak of the Outllaws team). On the first map, Outlaws could not collect for a long time, which was the reason for the loss due to a shortage of rounds. Singularity as a roller went through the Bulgarians and took their card to themselves in a piggy bank with a score of 16-4.

The second card was much more complicated. On the Mirage, the Bulgarians decided to immediately take all their hands and the first thing they took was 6 rand for the attack side, but more Singularity could not stand it and gave battle. The first half ended with a score of 6-9 in favor of the Bulgarians. The pistol round of the second half won Singularity and in the aftermath of the next two. Outlaws started to withdraw their rounds and the score on the map was already 15-10, when suddenly the Danish team gathered and returned to the game. The Danes were able to bring the game to overtime, and later to take the card itself with a score of 19-16.




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