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Liquid sign s1mple

Transfers10:27, 03.01.2016
Liquid sign s1mple

The official website of Team Liquid published information that one of the most talented young players and discussed the CIS scene - Alexander «s1mple» Kostylёv join the North American team. The contract is for two years and takes effect from 2 January. Kostylёv move to Los Angeles and live in one home game with the players on the composition Liquid LoL.

The new team will replace Alexander Jacob «FugLy» Medina and will once again play a part in one with Spencer «Hiko» Martin, with whom he has ever played at ESWC 2015, after which the American spoke very well about the game Kostylёva.

Co-founder of the organization Liquid Victor «Nazgul» Goossens pointed out that the level of personal games of Alexander is very high, but for now he still needs to learn to act correctly in the team. Victor also said that the organization has provided all conditions for the fastest possible adaptation of the young player.

It should be noted that the Team Liquid decided to call in the Ukrainian after refusing to move to North America from the Finnish sniper - Alexi «allu» Yalli, who announced his resignation from NiP in early December.

The last two months s1mple remained without a team after HellRaisers organization could not agree with FlipSide Tactics repurchase contract young players and decided to call in the Swede Andreas «schneider» Lindberg. The last event for Alexander was the DreamHack Stockholm, where he was, he never helped HellRaisers break into the major-tournament DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca in 2015.

Before that, a young Ukrainian player for a long time advocated FlipSid3 Tactics, which flagrantly broke up after not very successful outcome at ESWC 2015, stating an unwillingness to play with some of the already former teammates.

After leaving FlipSid3 Alexander had also collected his team along with Roman «CyberFocus» Crake. However, immediately after the opportunity to play with HellRaisers at DreamHack Stockholm s1mple he left his own team. And their combined mix with Belarus was signed by an unknown entity and continues to act on the CIS scene under the tag Rebels.

The last few weeks s1mple actively published on their pages in social networks about going to one of the teams in North America. Earlier, Alexander made similar statements about his transition to the Ninjas in Pyjamas. Then the management of the Swedish team reacted immediately and to publish a retraction on its official website.

After the appearance of the first publications on the possible move of Alexander in the US, the journalist portal even conducted its own investigation, which gathered all the evidence about the transition s1mple of the American team. One of the most important evidence was the Kostylёva correspondence with one of the founders of oraganizatsii - Victoria «Nazgul» Goossens on Skype, which surfaced on one of the streams Ukrainian. Also found a number of evidence and the fact of the transition to the Ukrainian Team Liquid more and more like a reality.

The new composition of Team Liquid:
Eric «adreN» Hoag
Spencer «Hiko» Martin
Nick «nitr0» Cannella
Jonathan «EliGE» Jablonowski
Aleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev




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