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draken's road to NiP

Miscellaneous22:33, 18.03.2017
draken's road to NiP

The community was shocked on Monday from the information that William "Draken" Sundin will join NiP and replace Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi with himself.

In 2016, draken got into a pro-stage, where his future team, Cringe Gods, defeated the HellReisers team on European qualifications for the PGL European Minor Championship, without any preparation before the tournament, except for FACEIT, according to the leader of the Christian team "rezex "Bjerregaard.

Cringe Gods went to Bucharest, where they once again acquitted themselves, knocking LDLC White out of the tournament before losing to PENTA Sports in a thrilling Bo3. Understanding that the team was not an accident, caused the joy of the team, but the euphoria disappeared as quickly as it appeared, when the players dispersed in different directions soon after the tournament.

Before the European Minor has already proved to be on the good side with Aftermatch and European Misfits. It was in the last team that the young Swede played along with Robby "bLacKpoisoN" Da Loca.

"When I started playing with Drakken on European Misfits, I saw that he had the potential, but I felt that he could not play to the fullest extent of his abilities, because there was too much confusion with positioning," recalls Da Loka. I often spoke with Dennis "dipparn" Muslijevic, who was also in our team, about draken'e, trying to make sure he can play at his level.I remember how during one of our last chats he said: "If we can Draken has the right positions / roles, he can do everything really cool, Draken always gave us advice and suggestions, regardless of whether we won or lost the round, which I consider to be something very important when playing the team. He really had moments with mistakes, but I can not blame him for that, because he was still in the process of training and we were a young team.We all have such moments.I knew that he would have a great future ahead of him, And see where he is now, maybe he does not know this, because we have not talked for a while, but I'm very proud of him. "

In March, three Swedish players from Cringe Gods who were in Bucharest (draken, Andreas "mOkEn" Karlsson and Fredrik "REZ" Sterner) plus Fredrik "freddieb" Buö and Joakim "disco doplan" Gidetun join Epsilon. An organization desperately in need of success after disappointments in its previous two teams.

The language barrier, which is said to have caused the disbandment of the Cringe Gods, which was attended by players from Sweden, Denmark and Finland, was no longer a problem, but the team took the time to rehearse after winning its first tournament, the Swedish sports championships (ESPORTSM) , In June, defeating ArchAngels 2-0, with draken, which had a rating of 1.37, the highest in this confrontation.

Epsilon went to China on the Pro Gamer League 2016 Summer, where they played against six local teams and Team X. As expected, the two Scandinavian teams met each other in the final, and Epsilon took control of $ 50,000 after winning 3-0 . Despite disappointment in the final, Draken still had the fourth highest rating (1.21) and the highest KDD (+54), and was the best sniper with 0.46 kills per round.

After the finish on ASUS ROG Summer, the team broke the contract with Jerry "xelos" Råberg and signed Andre "BARBARR" Möller, initially on a temporary basis. Under the tutelage of a 26-year-old, one of the most experienced players on the Swedish stage, with a career that started back in 2008, the team first fought, taking 9-12 places in WESG Europe and 5-8 in ESWC, but then they gave A great record of himself for the next Minor, where Karl-William "kalle" Haraldsen played instead of disco doplan, who began to play for fnatic.

Epsilon were just one card from falling into the closed qualifications for ELEAGUE Major, eventually losing to GODSENT, who qualified for the Valve-sponsored tournament. On Minor'e Draken has strengthened its status as one of the best
Talents in the Scandinavian region, finishing the tournament with the highest ratio of killings for the round with AWP (0.39) and the highest number of AWP (121) killed, bypassing players such as Jesper "JW" Wecksell and Bence "DeadFox" Böröcz.

The impressive year of Draken went unnoticed for the majority, but player Nicolai "device" Reedtz, who got into the top 3 players according to hltv, was asked whom he considers the growing star of eSports, which next year will get to the TOP 20 and he noticed draken ' A.

The arrival of draken opens many opportunities for NiP, who will again have the main AWPer in their ranks, 15 months after the departure of Aleksi "allu" Jalli. It will also be interesting to see whether NiP will prioritize AWP from Draken on the CT side in situations where their money is low, or go for a more rounded approach with their M4A1 and M4A4.

Fans will watch draken with the hope that it will play at times better than pyth because what the Ninjas in Pajamas experienced in 2016 should not happen again. Let's wish good luck to both




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