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ProLeague list of LAN-finals participants

Championship10:45, 27.04.2016
ProLeague list of LAN-finals participants

The European group stage at the ESL Pro League Season 3 came to kontsu.Komandy such as, NiP, Astralis, Fnatic and G2 are secured places in the LAN-finals and will compete for a prize pool of $ 512.000, which will take place from 12 to 15 May in London, United Kingdom.

During nine weeks of 12 teams competed for four seats in the LAN-finals of the third season, as well as $ 119,000 allocated to the selection-part on the ESL Pro League season 3.

From start to finish NiP were in the driving seat, winning 19 of their 22 matches and thus secured the first place in the league.

Astralis and Fnatic so well secured putёvki.V while G2 were head to head with opponents Natus Vincere, both need to win their matches to win the coveted invite to LAN-finals. But both teams are tied, so the fate of NaVi G2 and decided between themselves and Team Fnatic Astralis.Borba between opponents was serious, every minute winner tense situation became known after overtime, 22: 19 in favor of the team Fnatic.Tem most Swedes gave last slot G2.

The final position of the European division:

1. NIP - Final.
2. Astralis - Final.
3. Fnatic - Final.
4. G2 - Final.
5. Natus Vincere - $ 27,000
6. Dignitas - $ 23500
7. Faze - $ 20,000
8. Mousesports - $ 16,500
9. EnVyUs - $ 13,000
10. SK - $ 9,500
11. FlipSid3 - $ 6000
12. Virtus.rro - $ 3500




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