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Take part in the new competition "No randomness!" on our website!

Miscellaneous14:44, 02.08.2015
Take part in the new competition "No randomness!" on our website!

The contest has 7 prizes, each of them has its own prize!

What awaits the winners?

1st place - AWP Corticera
2nd place - M4A4 Evil Daimyo
3rd place - AK-47 Elite Build
4th place - 5 cases "Chroma 2"
5th place - 10 cases of operation "Phoenix"
6th place - 15 cases of operation "Breakout"
7th place - 10 cases  "Chroma"

Contest Rules:

In order to get in the first place, you only need to go for the upcoming match, click the "Vote" in the team that you think will win.
Thus, the more you will be faithful projections, the higher your ranking on the leaderboard competition.
Note that the number of points awarded for the faithful and to number of false predictions - each match is different, they are visible just under the voting buttons. Also, do not forget that the prizes can be obtained only if you are subscribed to our community Steam, Twitter, choice Facebook or Vkontakte (depending on your preferences or language), as well as to our Youtube channel and Twitch. We recommend that, before taking part in the contest, subscribe to us all that, in the future, did not have too many questions!

The winner will be announced on September 27 in the film site in the section "Important news" Steam Community and social networks.

Our service is designed to bring you the benefit and pleasure. An integral part of this are the prizes in a competition played out, with each successive contest gifts will become more expensive and the prizes will become more, so take part and win!

We wish you good luck! Stay with us!
Best wishes, the team CSGO-Forecast!




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