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Winners of the contest "Guru of forecasts" 09/01/2016

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Winners of the contest "Guru of forecasts" 09/01/2016

Winners of the contest "Guru of forecasts" 09/01/2016!

1 place - k.marabet, receives a prize - AK-47 | Blue Laminate
2 place - madness, receives a prize - MAC-10 | Neon Rider
3 place - ?FanaT?\_(?)_/?, receives a prize - M4A4 | Evil Daimyo
4 place - Sasha123, receives a prize - SCAR-20 | Contractor, Five-SeveN | Forest Night, AUG | Storm x3, Dual Berettas | Contractor, Galil AR | VariCamo, P2000 | Granite Marbleized, Negev | Army Sheen, MP7 | Army Recon, Nova | Predator, MP7 | Forest DDPAT, AUG | Condemned, P250 | Mint Kimono, XM1014 | Scumbria, G3SG1 | VariCamo x2, P90 | Ash Wood, MP9 | Orange Peel, XM1014 | Quicksilver
5 place - AZiX, receives a prize - Chroma 2 Case 10x




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