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PENTA win ESEA S24 MDL Finals

Championship12:22, 15.05.2017
PENTA win ESEA S24 MDL Finals

PENTA defeated BIG 2-0 (Cache 16-13, Inferno 16-12) in the grand final of the 24th season of ESEA Global Finals for the grand prize of $ 18,000.

After PENTA and BIG reached the top of their semi-final battles with Splyce and GODSENT, respectively, the two grand finalists first met at Cache. PENTA were the ones who gained an advantage at the beginning of 4-0 thanks to the triple killing of Kevin "HS" Tarn on the pistol round.

Many of the rounds subsequently came down to individual moments, as Fatih "gob b" Dayik, Kevin "keev" Bartholomäus, Miikka "suNny" Kemppi, and Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz all had their beautiful moments with at least three murders, Which brought the score to 8-4 in favor of PENTA. Attack B then gave BIG its fifth round, but the Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend team closed half to 10-5 at the expense of suNny, who made the decisive double in the last round.

Three rounds from the Finn led his team to 13-5, but from there on BIG came to the defense, winning seven rounds in a row of them one 1v1 from Johannes "nex" Maget ..

PENTA broke the strip with a semi-purchase consisting of pistols, a little spread and armor, and suNny designed the triple with Deagle for 14-12. Gob b responded with three of his own killings in 3v5, but BIG ultimately could not return completely, as PENTA won from his opponent 16-13.

Despite the loss of the pistol due to the fact that keev closed the attack, it was PENTA who went on the best start to Inferno after winning the second round, getting 4-1, and BIG had to save the weapon twice.

Gob b then prevented a dangerous 1v3 attempt from suNny before the Finnish player formalized a double murder on A thanks to a happy timing, helping PENTA extend its advantage to 6-2.

The pomegranates in the midst helped BIG win the eco-round, followed by a close 1v1 to A. While the German side continued to save the weapon again and again, PENTA took the next three rounds before BIG finished half of 6-9.

The first two rounds of the second half were split again, although this time the BIG took the second, closing the gap to 9-10 and eventually took the lead 12-11 after a series of three rounds.

Nevertheless, PENTA conducted some excellent predictions and twice defended call B, while HS delivered two decisive doubles in the last three rounds, providing a map and a series for its team at 16-12.




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