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peacemaker leaves OpTic

Miscellaneous21:52, 17.03.2017
peacemaker leaves OpTic

Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu has joined Optic since February and stayed on the team for a trial period. The team wanted to reimburse IGL - Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz after leaving the latter for Liquid.

In the last episode of the documentary series "Vision" from OpTic, Óscar "mixwell" Cañellas stated that the style of the peacemaker does not match the style of the team, adding that the Brazilian was "too emotional sometimes".

In TwitLonger, peacemaker added that the loss of stanislaw and the rumors associated with mixwell and Will "RUSH" Wierzba influenced the team and that he did not have time to complete his vision of the team.

"After the loss of stanislaw, the team lost leadership and leadership, and internal problems began to occur with defeats," Tadeu wrote. "We tried to cope with all this as far as possible, but with all the rumors that mixwell / RUSH are leaving for Liquid, I felt that the team completely lost the motivation to continue working, so we barely trained after Katowice. I have a very specific way of training my teams, and I can not be the best when it comes to solving many problems, but I have my own system that worked perfectly with my previous team, but unfortunately did not work with OpTic. I feel that I did not have enough time to show the guys what I'm capable of, but in their eyes my coaching style does not match what they are looking for. This is perfectly acceptable, and this was the main reason for the trial period. I return to Brazil to spend some time with my family. After that, I will look for the continuation of my coaching career somewhere else, and I hope it will happen in the near future. "




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