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oskar explained his shift in mousesports

Transfers10:19, 11.10.2016
oskar explained his shift in mousesports

Recall that two days ago, it became known about the changes in the mousesports, where Christian "loWel" Garcia replaced Tomas "oskar" Stastny active roster. Today, on his Facebook, Czech player decided unfolded itself to explain the motives of leaving the team to which only recently joined.

As you know, I decided to take a break from the game in mousesports.

I'm sorry that it happened. When I first joined and we started practicing, even then I felt that something is wrong and what is missing in the team. I knew all the players, except Spiidi, so I think we will be able, with the company of boys, some success. Nevertheless, I felt from the outset that I can not support the training regime and show what others expect, in my performance. I did not reach the level that was expected of me, I could not find myself in the game and this little upset, because he saw that burdens the team.

When we arrived at the hotel with Gfinity and began to discuss the event, not a single word was said about my game, but my teammates are likely to realize that something was wrong and I can play much better. And that would be true, because I could not concentrate on the game, as doubted himself. After an exchange of views in a lively discussion, I came to the conclusion that I will not continue to play with them and to slow in preparation for the upcoming tournaments.

This is certainly a big risk and mousesports, in 2017, may be not so interested in me, at the moment of transfer of HellRaisers. I sacrificed a lot of time, and this game is not a problem to train 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, if I feel good in the team. Now I really do not feel comfortable. Not the place, wrong time.

Do you know the main causes. No one died in my family and in general do not have anything to do with my relatives, they all understand and respect my work, I am not influenced by anyone. This is just my personal matter, my personal decision. I do not want to go into the internal affairs of the team, so leave it at that. I have time to prove that I am a top-class player and I am a professional. Now I'll practice English in order to improve it, and those who like my humor, can count on a regular stream and play FPL. Let's start again from scratch.

PS: For those who thought I left because cheaters or because I was unbearable - you're crazy. I've never used cheats and "toxic" only in his translation, because all the "blunt". lul




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