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OPTIC - champions ELEAGUE Season 2

Championship10:36, 04.12.2016
OPTIC - champions ELEAGUE Season 2

The finale of the second season ELEAGUE kicked off the group stage through the system Double Elimination (GSL) BO1 + BO3, with four teams in each group. At the stage of the playoffs held by the two strongest team from each group, who fought in the grid Single Elimination BO3.

The North American team was in the same group to dignitas, fnatic and EnVyUs, which despite the defeat in the first leg, was able to rehabilitate and overcome their opponents in the playoffs, thus providing the group the second position. Apart from the future champions, the playoffs were mousesports, FaZe,, NiP, SK, Astralis and dignitas.

In the quarterfinal match, on the way to the championship, we had to fight with the first group of team "A" - mousesports, which, in the fight for a place in the semi-finals, could manage just two cards - Train 16-7 and Cache 16-11. In the playoff for the grand finale, OpTic met another European mix - Faze, which also showed confident character winner - 2: 0. The final match ELEAGUE S2 pushed OpTic with Astralis, which in turn defeated in the semifinals of the Brazilian SK. The North American team, not without difficulties, exchanging victories on their peaks with a rival, managed to gather at the map and take decisive title, with a reward of $ 400,000 for first place.

MVP ELEAGUE S2 received Ville "RUSH" Vierzba, who showed an incredible game in the important moments of the championship the way, making a huge contribution to the success of his team.

The prize fund was distributed as follows:

1. OpTic - $ 400,000
2. Astralis - $ 140,000
3-4. SK - $ 60,000
3-4. FaZe - $ 60,000
5-8. dignitas - $ 50,000
5-8. - $ 50,000
5-8. NiP - $ 50,000
5-8. mousesports - $ 50,000
9-12. Cloud9 - $ 30,000
9-12. Natus Vincere - $ 30,000
9-12. fnatic - $ 30,000
9-12. G2 - $ 30,000
13-16. EnVyUs - $ 30,000
13-16. ALTERNATE aTTaX - $ 30,000
13-16. Echo Fox - $ 30,000
13-16. Immortals - $ 30,000




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