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Updates on the site on 08/22/2015

Patches18:19, 22.08.2015
Updates on the site on 08/22/2015

First update

In your profile added to the field "Steam-trade URL". This innovation made in order that in the event of your victory in the competition, we can easily send you a prize during the online broadcast of the draw. If you happen to have a winner and a profile is not specified "Steam-trade URL" - is to clarify your data will take time to communicate with you, because you can be offline at this time. So that we can immediately deliver the prizes to the winners - specify in your profile a "Steam-trade URL". You can also share game things with each other, just open any user profile and click the "Go trade".

To find out your link on Trade and paste it into your profile on the website, you should:

1) Log into your inventory in Steam'e and press the "Trade Offers"

2) Push the "Who can send me Trade Offers?"

3) There will be listed on your link exchange

4) Copy the link and go to profile settings on the site

5) Insert your trade links in this field

6) Press "Save"

Second update

You can now see the results of surveys on the pages of the match, even if the match has already started or been completed. In addition, you will always see the unit «skill» at the polls, as well as which team you give your vote and you vote for what the match.




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