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Updates on the site on 05/02/2015

Patches22:38, 02.05.2015
Updates on the site on 05/02/2015

Today, administrators fixed a little website, and dobavily opportunities listed below are some of them.

Changes in the user profile:

- Now you can see your ranking  on the left of the name of your profile, it is calculated on the basis of the benefits of your comments;

- If you click on your profile , you will see the following information about yourself:

  * True to predictions

  * False forecasts

  * Pros in the comments

  * Cons comments

  * And etc.

- Added button "Settings" , located to the left of the button "Exit". Here you can change the settings for your profile, including your avatar.

Changes in comments to games:

- Added the ability to edit your comments. Edit your comment may be within five minutes after the publication. This is done as follows:

   * Click on the edit button to the right of the date of the comment


   * Edit your comment

   * Click on the save button in the form of diskettes, which is also the right of the date of the comment on the site of the edit button


   * Added the ability to view the profile of other members by clicking on his avatar or a nickname


Here is custom profile CSGO-Forecast:

Appeared user rating as critic and analyst.

RP criticism is the difference of pros and cons in your comments, and RP analyst - the difference is your true and false predictions.




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