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Update in CS: GO on March 6, 2015

Patches13:27, 06.03.2015
Update in CS: GO on March 6, 2015

March 6, 2015 was another game update CS: GO. The size of the update is 24.1 MB. So, what is included in this update?

- The table now displays the history of combined rounds.
- Spectators / commentators can now use the SHIFT key to calculate the approximate time needed to cover the distance on the path traced.
- You can now draw on the map with two colors. You can switch between them with left and right mouse buttons.
- Lines drawn on a map, became more smooth.
- Added command "mapoverview_allow_grid_usage 1", which allows you to attach a drawing made on the map, to the grid of the map.

- Added details of the murder statistics, for example, lumbago, domination, or if the player avenged another. By the way, before it was only in the head / into the body.

- Fixed a bug statistics (Q during the match), when it was reported that the time in the round is over, although the bomb was defused.
- Fixed a rare bug where killing T CT, which neutralizes the bomb. Then T wins the round, but the money is awarded to players for defusing CT.
- Added a small description to the collection of weapons from Phoenix.




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