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Update CS:GO on 03.16.17

Patches13:55, 16.03.2017
Update CS:GO on 03.16.17

March 16, 2017 there was another update cs go. The size of the update is 419.6 MB. So, what was included in update cs 03.16.2017?

— Released Canals, available in all game modes.
— Visually upgraded the Phoenix Terrorist player model.
— Added the Spectrum Case, featuring 17 community designs. In the Spectrum Case, the rare special item will be the second generation of knives in Chroma finishes.

— Improved performance when using HRTF.
— Fixed some cases where grenade sounds wouldn’t play when they should.

— Fixed teammate color problem when teammates select an invalid color.
— cl_drawhud_force_radar can have three values: -1 to force draw no radar, 0 default, 1 to force draw radar even if other HUD is disabled.
— cl_drawhud_force_deathnotices can have three values: -1 to force draw no deathnotices, 0 default, 1 to force draw deathnotices even if other HUD is disabled.
— Added option to Game Settings to set Team ID to Always On ( cl_teamid_overhead_always ). Server can disable with sv_teamid_overhead_always_prohibit.
— Added binding to Show Team Equipment ( +cl_show_team_equipment ) that will show teammates’ full Target ID, including equipment. Server can disable with sv_show_team_equipment_prohibit.
— func_rotating objects no longer freeze and spam server console after rotating 1000 times.


— Thinned out corner when coming into hut from lobby, making it easier to peek into A site.
— Bullets now do more damage when shot through walls in hut.
— Raised rollup door in Mini, making it easier to see towards rafters.
— Removed three boxes on top of blue container near garage.
— Reduced C4 explosion radius from 500 to 400 units (Thanks NaVi!).
— Made water outside the map deeper (Thanks hollandje!).

— Raised arch on CT side of long A.

— Fixed some boost exploits.
— Railing on top of boost position near T bridge no longer blocks bullets.

— Various bug fixes.




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