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Update CS:GO on 12.14.18

Patches15:57, 14.12.2018
Update CS:GO on 12.14.18

December 14, 2018 there was another update cs go. The size of the update is 63.0 MB. So, what was included in update cs 12.14.2018?

— Fixed scoreboard sometimes not populating correctly.

— Reduced waiting for players time in warm-up.
— Improved matchmaking times for Danger Zone.
— Added a new sound cue when explosives on the safe detonate.
— Lowered volume of selected rappel destination sound and rappel helicopter.
— Fixed an incorrect parachute sound playing during warm-up.
— Several fixes for client-side behavior of Frag Grenades and Fire Bombs.

— Fixed see-through model near picnic area.
— Fixed players getting stuck in tree in town.
— Smoothed out underwater displacements to fix players getting stuck.
— Fixed floating item spawn point near outlet.

— Updated Alpha on UMP-45 Momentum.




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