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Update CS:GO on 10.14.16

Patches10:21, 14.10.2016
Update CS:GO on 10.14.16

October 14, 2016 there was another update cs go. The size of the update is 186.9 MB. So, what was included in update cs 10.14.2016?

— A revised version of de_inferno is available in the Reserves Map group. Thanks to the CS:GO community for their continuing feedback.

— Added a 0.4 second cooldown to the crouch button to reduce the visual noise from spamming crouch in the air.
— This is tunable via the convar sv_timebetweenducks.
— Fixed a case where a player’s crouch state did not match the state of the +duck key. The most noticeable case was when taking over a bot that was crouching.
— Adjusted bomb plant animation when planting the bomb while already crouched.
— Fixed a bug where molotovs/incendiary grenades did not generate flames when they exploded on the corner of a ledge.
— Reduced viewmodel rotational effect when pointing a weapon at near-vertical angles

[Xbox Game DVR]
— Added a performance recommendation for Windows 10 users explaining how to disable Game DVR if it is enabled.

— Sniper scopes are much more responsive to your actual accuracy; the blur is driven by your current inaccuracy.
— NOTE: There are no gameplay behavior changes in scoped accuracy; actual accuracy and timing are unaffected. The display now more-correctly represents your current inaccuracy.
— Crosshair blur fidelity improved.
— New console variable cl_crosshair_sniper_show_normal_inaccuracy (default 0) includes standing inaccuracy and spread in your sniper crosshair blur.

— Gameplay convars for community servers & workshop maps:
- weapon_air_spread_scale (default 1): Games that focus on air combat can set this to a lower value to improve weapon accuracy for players in the air.
- sv_enablebunnyhopping (default 0): Disables the air-velocity clamping to 110% of maximum running speed.
- sv_autobunnyhopping (default 0): Holding +jump causes players to automatically re-jump at the exact landing tick.
— Added cl_drawhud_force_radar to render radar with cl_draw_only_deathnotices.
— Doors are always networked to prevent peeks with high lag revealing players behind the door.




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