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Update CS:GO on 07.13.18

Patches15:49, 13.07.2018
Update CS:GO on 07.13.18

July 13, 2018 there was another update cs go. The size of the update is 13.3 MB. So, what was included in update cs 07.13.2018?


— Added a red glow behind the progress bar and health numbers when health is critical.
— Fixed armor progress bar to no longer flash when you lose health.
— Health over three digits will now scale down to fit appropriately and no longer clip.
— Sharpened the transition times in the weapon selection HUD to reduce delay in displaying player’s equipment.
— Fixed grenades not disappearing from weapon selection immediately after throwing them.
— Improved the dropped bomb and planted bomb rings on the radar.
— Fixed the kill panel string when a player is killed by fire.
— Fixed overhead money on players showing a comma.

— Wingman can now be remembered as the last played game mode for the next time a user plays online.
— Fixed the accept match popup to not close if a player hits the escape key.
— Fixed auto team select for players that are not yet on a team.
— Fixed the beginning of match to correctly distinguish between “waiting for players” and “warmup” state in Wingman.
— Fixed rank and skill group data appearing on community servers.
— End of match will now share mouse rather than capture all mouse input, which fixes mouse key bindings when match ends.

— Fixed not being able to toggle the spectator player panel’s visibility by pressing the key bound to “drop” (G by default).
— Fixed a case where kills reported in the spectator panels could be wrong.
— Fixed alignment of player names containing Unicode characters in the spectator screen.

— Fixed text wrapping and some text getting truncated when running in Thai language.
— Fixed an invisible inventory search box sometimes stealing input focus.
— Fixed a frequent game crash in the buy menu.
— Various other stability fixes.




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