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Update CS:GO on 05.13.17

Patches23:16, 13.05.2017
Update CS:GO on 05.13.17

May 13, 2017 there was another update cs go. The size of the update is 21.8 MB. So, what was included in update cs 05.13.2017?

— Fixed a bug that caused knife swings to do reduced damage in the 0.4 seconds after their deploy animation finished, as if you had just taken a swing. (Sorry Snax!).
— Fixed snd_legacy_surround settings.
— Fixed round start music continuing to play if player walked out of buy zone.
— HTTP logger now includes server token header, and precise time on log lines.
— Fixed a regression in command routing code to automatically allow cheat-protected commands on cheat-enabled servers.
— Marked snd_playsounds command as cheat.
— Whitelisted about:blank URL for MOTD.
— Upgraded Windows compile toolchain for Windows client and dedicated server binaries.
— Fixed long standing issue with lightstyles and dynamic shadow blending – they are now compatible with CSM’s and can be used in maps.

— Localization update for various UI elements.
— Localization updates for several in-game textures and Weapons Course map.
— Added purchasing flow using Perfect World balance.




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